Ann-Charlott Fornhed is a member of

# Skulptörförbundet
The Swedish Sculptors´ Association
The Swedish Artists National Organization

# KC Öst
The Swedish Artists Centre

The artists workshop in Stockholm
The Swedish Artists Copyright Organization

Mixed media
Public decorations
Marsvinsholm sculpture park
Ängskolan scoolyard
June 2007 Opening of the park and playing-ground "Händelseriket" -  "The Land of many Adventures"

The work of the Swedish sculptress Ann-Charlott Fornhed consists of abstract as well as figurative expressions. From monumental public adornments to small objects and company gifts.

The artist mainly work in the following materials and tecniques: concrete, ceramics, raku - an old Japanese-Korean art-ceramic technique. She also works in materials such as sand-moulded glass, mosaics and bronzes.



December 3 2017
Press: Katrineholmskuriren 2017-12-03 (only in Swedish) >>

December 2 2017
Inauguration of the monument "EKA" in Katrineholm, in favour of "Kvinnliga medborgarskolan vid Fogelstad"."
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September 30th - October 1st 2017, kl 11-16
"Västerorts konstrunda"
Exhibition in Villa Arte, Bällstavägen 250. Welcome!
Konstrundan i Bromma-Västerort >>

Exhibition in Villa Arte, Bällstavägen 250. Welcome!
Konstrundan i Bromma-Västerort >>

Summer 2017
Working with help from Concretum Arte on a monument to Katrineholm, in favour of "Kvinnliga medborgarskolan i Fogelstad".

April 29-30 2017
Odensala arts and crafts spring exhibition. >>

June 2016
Started working as a resours with different projects at Concretum Arte. >>

October-November 2016
Restoring "Händelseriket", sculpturepath outside Astrid Lindgren Children's Hospital in Huddinge, with assistance by Concretum Arte. >>
About Händelseriket (pdf) >>

November 5-6 2016
Konstrundan Bromma-Västerort
Open ateliers and garden in Villa Arte, Bällstavägen 250, Bromma. Welcome!
About Konstrundan >>

Mars 2014
Söderköping Björkhagaskolan - a public decoration in the scoolhouse
The artist wonn the contest on decorationg the staircase and will start the work in March.
NM.Norrköpings-Magazinet (swedish only) >>

NT (swedish only) >>
Folkbladet (swedish only) >>

5 October 2013
Exhibition in Stockholm, Vällingby city: TEMPORART autumn exhibition
Vernissage in Vännäsgången at 12.00-16.00. Welcome!
TEMPORART on Facebook (Swedish only)>>
Read more about TEMPORART in Vällingby City (Swedish only) >>

2 October 2013
Exhibition in Stockholm, Officebuilding Nybroviken Birger Jarlsgatan 2
Vernissage at 18.00-20.00. Welcome!
Invitation and all participating artists (Swedish only) >>

October 2013
Montessorihusets kindergarten will soon be finnished.
Lois and friends and the gates for Montessorihuset in Nacka is finally reaching home! Invitation to inauguration will be placed on this site.

September 2013
Schoolyard at Skolsta, Enköping, is finnished!
Hugin and Höfni is now in place.
Inauguration will be announced later during atumn.

Summer 2013
Rakuträdet, exhibition at Edsvik arthall.
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Spring 2013
Working on a scoolyard for Enköpings kommune.
Skolsta scoolyard will recive Odins raven Hugin and Freyas cat Höfni in the autumn.

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